Neora's latest product, Lash Lush, laying on a circular gel formation

Neora Launches New Lash Lush Product

April 10, 2024

In April 2024, Neora announced the launch of their newest product Lash Lush. Our press release on the Lash Lush launch spoke to the revolutionary formula and benefits.

Neora, a global leader in holistic beauty and wellness, announced today the release of their newest product, Lash Lush, a revolutionary lash and brow serum that can deliver visible results in just four weeks.

True to Neora’s clean-meets-performance promise, Lash Lush is an effective yet safe and gentle formula free from irritants, hormones, and other harmful ingredients found in many of the leading lash serums that can lead to adverse side effects. It delivers powerful results that are clinically proven.